The “Official” Campaign Announcement Celebration held at the Historic Dobbin House (built in 1776) in Gettysburg, PA was a great success! Friends old and new gathered to socialize with and listen to two incredibly accomplished, legendary American heroes, Ambassador Henry (Hank) Cooper, and Brigadier General (Retired) Ken Chrosniak. Thank you so very much to everyone who came and so kindly and graciously expressed their support, as well as to those who wanted/tried to do so, but were unable to make it to Dobbin House. It was an event I will always remember! With your support, we – and I do mean WE — WILL make it all the way to the Senate in 2018!


Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak’s Endorsement Speech.

Ambassador Henry Cooper’s Endorsement Speech.

Cindy Ayers’ Announcement Speech.