Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak.

Former instructor at the U.S. Army War College, currently with EMPact America as well as both Carlisle and Cumberland Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services. Read more.

Having known and worked side-by-side with Prof Cynthia Ayers for many years at the Army War College, I can fully attest to her evident and endless energy in successful accomplishment of any given mission.  Her devotion to duty was truly reflected in her giving and selfless character, and was an inspiration to all.  Prof Ayers will bring to the U.S. Senate the certainty of a devoted ambassador for Pennsylvania, and true representative of the Republican party.  Her seasoned mind and creative leadership, with her concomitant focus on security and conservative stability for Pennsylvania and the Homeland, will serve all of us well with her in the Senate.  There has been a void in truly Conservative leadership in Pennsylvania for many years under Democratic Senator Bob Casey, resulting in an ardent desire among concerned citizens for beneficial and wide-ranging sound insights, sound answers and ethical leadership in International, National and Pennsylvania  concerns in these truly unprecedented and turbulent times.

Ambassador Henry Cooper

Ambassador Henry Cooper.

Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative under President Reagan, and Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization under President Bush, and 2010 Ronald Reagan Award Winner. Currently Chairman of the Board of High Frontier. Read more.

Cindy is a treasure -- especially well informed on intelligence matters, issues with the bureaucracies, and the existential threats confronting our nation (particularly Pennsylvania). As your Senator, her impressive skills, her expertise, and her persistence "under fire" will benefit all of us.

Dr. Hay

Dr. Brian Hay

Hay has held senior portfolios in the Provincial Ontario government, Guaranty Trust (finance industry), Imperial Oil (petroleum), Texaco Canada (petroleum), the Ontario Power Authority (power), National Public Relations (consulting), NextEra Energy (renewable energy) as well as operating his own consulting business for 14 years. Read more.


From an international perspective, I believe that Cynthia Ayers would be an outstanding United States Senator. Her background in national security and military matters provides a strong foundation for the important foreign policy role of a Senator. Her knowledge of the United States largest neighbor and biggest trading partner, Canada, will add value to her constituents as well as to the Senate as a whole.

General Newman

Major General Robert B. Newman Jr.

Former Adjutant General of Virginia (USAF), with over thirty years of business, military, and homeland security expertise in both government and private sectors in the fields of infrastructure protection, financial services, energy, and information security. Read more.

Having served in our nation's military for over 30 years, I understand the dangerous world in which we live. For our country to prosper, we need leaders who have the intelligence and experience to recognize the threats before us and the courage and determination to counter those threats head on.

Cindy Ayers is this kind of person.

I have worked with Cindy on many serious issues confronting the Unites States - counter terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, and excessive regulation to name a few. Cindy is a quick study and a no non-sense kind of person. She recognizes the dangers before us - some from outside the US and others, equally dangerous, right here at home - and offers practical solutions without regard to politics.

Cindy is a patriot, not a politician. The values she shares with her fellow Pennsylvanians and her real world experience will guide her votes in the Senate and help return our country to the values upon which it was founded and to which all true Americans support.

I am honored to endorse my fellow veteran, Cindy Ayers, for Senate.

Pry profile (002)

Dr. Peter Pry.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry served on the staffs of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States (2008-2009); the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the United States (2006-2008), and is currently the Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory board to Congress on policies to counter Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Read more.

Cynthia Ayers is a superb  candidate for U.S. Senate -- a true "National Security Candidate".  Her understanding of our country's critical electric infrastructure vulnerabilities to natural EMP from a solar super-storm, and from manmade EMP and Cyber-attack, makes her the right person at the right time to defend our nation from these existential threats that the Congressional EMP Commission estimates could kill up to 9 of 10 Americans in one year from starvation, disease, and societal collapse.  She is an expert on international terrorism, including their efforts through “law-fare” to subvert our nation through the courts, through immigration policy, and by undermining traditional American values and constitutional order.  She has profound insight into the dangerous challenges posed to the rights of the American people and “fair play” in our political system by the corrupt bureaucracy and the deep state, which she has criticized and fought against all her professional life.  If elected, she will be the most courageous member of the U.S. Senate, as she has been the most courageous member of the National Security Agency, fighting against the “political correctness” that threatens free speech and independent thinking in government, on our campuses, in the mainstream media, and in daily life.  Her expertise is recognized nationally and internationally, as she has briefed and instructed senior leaders in fields ranging from cyberwarfare to counterterrorism to weapons of mass destruction.  Our country needs more experienced national security experts in both Houses of Congress, and Cynthia most certainly fills that bill.   I have absolutely no doubt that she would be able to make enormous contributions to our nation as a U.S. Senator.